A Matter Of Choice

One of the biggest arguments I hear from people who do not believe in God is: “if God is real, why doesn’t he show himself once in a while so that people will believe.” Or, “Why doesn’t he ever come down here and help those of us who need it if he is real and supposed to be so good.”

Here is the thing: There are thousands of people who have witnessed miracles. People who are healed when science said they shouldn’t be, or what about all of the people who have died and then come back when science could not explain it. Better yet, there are a LOT of stories and books about people who have clinically died and claimed that they went to heaven (and even hell for that matter) during an outer-body experience.

There are a lot of people who have claimed to hear or see God or angels. But most people will write that off as delusional or lies.

I have never seen a leopard in person. But I have been told they exist by people who have seen them, therefore I believe it. But if someone says they experienced a miracle, most will assume that person is crazy. In fact, some people who experience God will never tell their story in fear of being criticized, because apparently people who believe in God are somehow lacking in intelligence. Yet I say science is the one who is lacking.

A theory is like a big scientific “what if” with no evidence to back it up. If there were evidence to back it up, it wouldn’t be a “theory”; it would be a scientific fact. I’ve never felt a theory. A theory has never put any love in my heart, or put conviction on my heart, or worked a miracle. People have discarded God and miracles simply because they cannot be scientifically explained. Just because you cannot understand how a miracle happened, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In fact, the creation of this universe in itself was a miraculous event, and science cannot explain that either. It can only theorize; which means to basically guess.

If God came down to earth right now and showed himself to everyone I wouldn’t be surprised if more people than not would go the rest of their lives believing they are crazy rather than to believe in God.

I really like what Chuck Smith wrote in one of his commentaries about this:

“If you are predisposed to unbelief, all of the proof in the world isn’t going to change you. You see, believing in Jesus is a matter of choice. And if you’ve chosen not to believe, I don’t care how much proof or evidence is offered to you, you’ve chosen not to believe and you won’t believe. Believing is a matter of choice; I choose to believe in Jesus Christ.”

I’m probably opening a can of worms with this one, but as I have said before sometimes you just have to say what you feel.

<><  Summer

“The pursuit of joy is a matter of choice and perspective. It is also a matter of obedience.” ~ Mary Southerland


4 thoughts on “A Matter Of Choice

  1. My wife has a plaque that states “Every day holds the possibility of a Miracle”, which is nice.
    I think it might be better to say, Every day holds a Miracle and the possibility I might be a witness.
    If not for Papa Chuck and his teachings I was one who once chose not to believe. Do not fear the can of worms after all they are only worms. God Bless!

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