My Own Imperfections

I’ve written at least a few blogs here where I’ve stated the importance of doing whatever it is that God puts on your heart. I’ve come to learn the importance of that rule over the course of my life, mostly the hard way. Today I was reminded of my own short comings and faults when it comes to listening to God. You see, a lot of times God leads us to do things and we protest.

But God, I can’t afford it. But God, I don’t have time. But God, they will think I’m crazy. But God, that will be embarrassing. But God, it will offend someone. But God, it’s just too hard. But God.. But God….

The bottom line is, we can come up with a million excuses to do things OUR way, because somehow in our own little minds we think OUR way will be easier. But shouldn’t we have faith that God would have something so much BETTER in store for us than the easy, simple things that we could possibly ever imagine? We sell ourselves short, and THAT’S the bottom line.

I believe in a God of promotion. God has big plans for us, but it’s not going to happen by just getting saved, praying for God’s favor, and boom all of a sudden we are flourishing in all that He has planned for us. How can we flourish in his plans, if we continue to live by our own will? No, I think it starts like this. We find God and get saved, and he puts his will on our heart. It might be quitting a habit, changing jobs, changing schools, or changing a major in college, praying for someone, going to church and so forth. It probably will start out small, like quitting a habit. Then once you have submitted to God’s plan for you in that area of your life, he will add something else. Go pray for someone. You might protest, might put it off, but when you finally submit and go do it, then he will put something bigger on your heart, and then something even bigger after that. Then one day we look back on life and we realize that we have given up our old will to live for ourselves, and started living for God.

You see; each and every time that we choose to follow God’s plans for us, we are taking a step of faith. That is the most important way to continue to grow spiritually.

Now let me tell you the main reason I am writing this. When God put it on my heart to go to school (to pursue a degree in religion) I made excuse after excuse and ran. Eventually I submitted, and I realized that God provided a way for me to go and answered all of my needs. You would think that would teach me something….

My daughter is starting kindergarten in the fall, and a couple of months ago I felt that God put it on my heart to send her to a Christian school. I’ve worried about it and made excuses to the point that I’ve put off registration for 2 months. This morning I got out of bed and ended up having to make an unplanned trip into town, for some reason (which I don’t even fully understand) I forced myself to get all of the paper work together and decided to go ahead and sign her up today. A few times I almost decided I didn’t have time to worry about it, I kept trying to change my mind. But somewhat like a robot I felt like I didn’t have a choice but to sign her up today, like something else was pushing me too.

I got to the school around noon and the office was closed until after lunch (an hour later) and I normally would have just went home and decided to do it on my next trip out. But Hailey was hungry so I decided we would eat and go back after lunch. Come to find out, today was the last day the office would be open for summer and the bus that she will be riding is almost full! Had I not signed her up today, she probably wouldn’t be able to go there. Because when the office reopens, the bus will probably fill up the same day, and what are the odds I would have known to be there early on the morning they re-open? Unlikely, I just wouldn’t have been. And I would have had to send her to public school.

<><  Summer


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