I realize I have been quite absent from blogosphere the past week. For those who do not know (probably everyone here) I have been with out power since Friday, and this is Thursday, that makes almost a week. It has been hot as Hades too. It’s been tough. I had such a horrible week last week and Friday was the icing on the cake. I was really stressed thinking things couldn’t possibly get any harder.

I felt like I needed all of this last week!

I think that is when things like this always happen. I have certainly found patience this week in places I didn’t know I had it. I have had to go pick up my husband from an airport 2 hours away with no way to get gas and the power was off from here to there. Plus I have had to finish my last week of school off a generator and throw my daughters birthday party. I managed to bake the cupcakes at a friends house with a gas oven and I made the icing by flash light.

It was a Lalaloopsy themed birthday. Somehow I managed this! She turned 5, by the way 🙂

It’s funny how I was so stressed because I had so much to do, and then God managed to show me that not only could I do it but I could do it under tougher circumstances than I ever anticipated. I pray that our power comes back on (along with most of everyone else in WV).

<><  Summer


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