Who Rules The System Of Things Here On Earth?

This is the second part to my previous post “Who Is The God Of The Universe?”. Here I will answer the question, “who rules the system of things here on earth”?

“The Bible teaches that God “upholdeth all things by the word of His power” (Heb 1:3; Col. 1:17). The power of God keeps the comets in their path and the planets in their orbit. The power of God keeps the atom from exploding into unlimited nuclear fission.” (Elmer Towns)

I used to believe that no matter what we did in life that God controlled everything. It seems silly to say now, but I think most people who believe in God but do not actually know much about his attributes believe this at least subconsciously. Most people think that everything (the good and bad) we experience in life is God’s will and it is unavoidable. However; the more I learn about God and the more I learn about my own sinful nature the more I learn that this is not true. God’s will for us is better than most of us can imagine, but most of the time we choose to live by our own will instead of God’s. We are not merely string puppets. We are not being controlled, but if we choose we can ask God to guide us, lead us, and show us His will and only then can we experience everything He wants for us. However; with that said. God does not control us but He does already know what decisions we will make.

For instance, let’s say a young girl dies of a drug over dose and then a relative says, “God never gives us more than we can handle”. Wait, let’s pause for a moment. God didn’t give anyone this; this was the result of a humans choice, not God’s will. Let me use another example: The recent theater shooting in Colorado resulting in 12 deaths (including a 6 year old girl). This is a tragedy, but whose will was this; God or man? God did not put the gun in that man’s hand.

Did God know it would happen? Yes. Did God cause it to happen? No. Often times we get angry because God allows us to make these kinds of mistakes that lead into tragedies, but if He didn’t we would complain that God forces us to live by His commands. It is either one or the other, either He makes decisions for us or we make our own. We cannot have it both ways when it conveniences us.

“The attributes of God are: Omnipresence (present everywhere at the same time), Omniscience (He possesses perfect knowledge of all things), and Omnipotence (He can do everything that is in harmony with His nature and perfection). “Of all of the attributes of God, God has limited His omnipotence by His will. He can do whatever He wills to do, but He does not necessarily will to do everything. On many occasions, God has limited His power by the free will of His rational creatures. By this God does not force people to become Christians; therefore, He limits His power by the rejection of their will. God could have exercised His power to keep sin out of the universe, but that would have been inconsistent with the nature of His created beings.”(Elmer Towns)

To summarize: God made us creatures with the will to choose to follow Him or to follow our own sinful nature. In doing so; God does not control us, we control ourselves. We can choose to follow him and let Him guide us through life, but if we do not choose to let God guide us we will live our lives very confused and lost because God will not force His will on our lives.

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