The Big Picture/The Meaning Of Life

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on some different things that I think most people over look. What is the purpose of life? What is successful? I’m not sure I knew how to answer those questions before. Now I would answer them like this:

The purpose of life is not to gain things that we cannot take with us, but to obtain something that we can take with us when we go.

What is something we can take with us when we leave this body we have been temporarily given? Not money, things, or any status of success. The only thing we can take with us is the gift of eternity, if we do not acquire that while we are here than we have wasted our life.

Most people consider successful to be someone who is a Doctor, lawyer, or anyone who makes a lot of money. But I think we have lost the point to living if we measure success by how much money someone makes or perhaps by how intelligent they are. That goes back to why we are here. If we are here to gain the gift of eternity; then success must be measured by how well we use that gift. I believe to be successful is to live how God intended us too. We have to gain a relationship with Him, and let Him guide us into the life He has planned for us. Only then can we know true success; because God has much bigger plans for us than we have for ourselves. We sell ourselves short in that way.

I’ve heard it said that to not tell others about God is the same as taking someone to the Grand Canyon and then putting them in a room full of mirrors. I had to think on that for a while before I gained a true understanding of it.

You see, most people live life in a way that everything is about this; the here and now, and nothing more. What can I do now, what is fun now, what benefits me now, how can I be successful now. They can only see themselves, because they cannot see the big picture. They can’t see that God has a bigger plan than they can dream of, and they sell themselves short because of it. They are wandering around blindly when they could be led by the grace of God.

God is the Grand Canyon, He is the big picture. He is the glorious view just over the ridge but most people miss it because they are too consumed in themselves.

Ever notice how everyone is always looking for something more. They think if they can just get that promotion, or if they can just find true love, or if they can just finish their degree then they will be complete. Everyone has something that they think will make them happy and fill that empty hole in their life. Yes, you are in need of something more! But you are not capable of making yourself complete.

The problem is not that you need to be more successful in this life; it is that you need to see the big picture. You need to step away from the mirrors and look over that ridge that you have been missing.

Psalm 16:11:

“In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

<><  Summer


7 thoughts on “The Big Picture/The Meaning Of Life

  1. Summer, I agree-we define success far to much like the world does. I think about that a lot with my children. If my son grows up to be an engineer, gets a great job and breaks out of the middle class–is that really success? It could in fact be a huge failure on my part as a parent. Good post.

  2. Powerful message and well stated!!! I love this phrase: “The only thing we can take with us is the gift of eternity, if we do not acquire that while we are here then we have wasted our life.”

  3. Well said, the meaning of the human life and indeed even the universe is that man would contain God. Consider Zech. 12:1, the heavens were created for the earth, the earth was created for man, and man was created with a spirit to contain God. Furthermore, God doesn’t want us to merely contain Him but carry out His purpose on the earth by building up the church and growing in His life.

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