So You Call Yourself A Christian Pt. 2 (The Hokey Pokey)

This is part two of a post I did a while back called, “So You Call Yourself A Christian” which you can read here if you like. Although it is not necessary to read that one first to understand this one, you might also find it interesting.

So it occured to me this morning that being a Christian at times can be somewhat like the Hokey Pokey… You put your left hand in, and put your left hand out, you put your left hand in…. You know the song.

I remember when I used to jump on the God banwagon (we all have) where we say yea this time I’m gonna go to church and start reading my Bible and get REAL commited. It’s almost like trying to loose weight when you think about it.

I remember when back in the day I used to have a real issue with getting commited to Christ. I used to think in my mind that I wanted to be commited, but in my heart I was really only half committed. I was only putting my right arm in and not my left so to speak. I always knew God was calling me into ministry and I thought I’d like to do that, but committing myself to actually DO what God called me to do, when God called me to do it, was another story.

When I finally stopped playing the Hokey Pokey with God, and actually started doing all of the things God is calling me to do (I put my whole self in!) rather than just thinking, “yea that would be nice” I noticed a big difference in everything. My attitude, my priorities, my self esteem. Everything has started to transform for the better.

I’m not just talking about ministry, I’m talking about everything. What has God called you to do? Who has He called you to be? Perhaps it is as simple as obeying a small command like getting back in church, or praying for a friend. Maybe He wants you to quit a bad habbit.

I guess what I am saying is… Stop playing the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself about! Turn around and start following Jesus, you’ll be glad you did  🙂

<><  Summer


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