Evolution Vs. Creation (and the science behind it all)

This is for everyone out there, religious or not, and regardless of what you believe. I wanted to share with you that Ken Ham and Bill Nye (the science guy) are having a live debate of creation verses evolution LIVE on the internet tomorrow. If you don’t know, Ken Ham is the founder of the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky and “Answers in Genesis” web site (if you have never heard of this web site, please check it out! There are some pretty amazing things there in regards to evidence for the Bible).

No matter what you believe, and especially if you don’t know what you believe and you are looking for answers, I encourage you to listen to it! I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. These are basically two geniuses on both sides of the spectrum, so it’s going to surely be explosive! The debate will be at 6 pm eastern time tonight. Click on the following photo to go straight to the debate:Image

In high school I took the same science classes everyone else takes. It wasn’t until I started my classes with Liberty that I took a science class that really offered a lot of good evidence for creation. Unfortunately, most people in our society (and many societies) go through life and NEVER get to hear the evidence for creation. They only ever hear the other side.

Most evolutionists will refuse to watch this debate, or refuse to take a class that supports creationism because they are so convinced that evolution is true that they don’t want to even consider the other side. What is ironic is that these same evolutionists will then call us creationists terms such as “closed minded”.



If you are someone who is stuck in limbo, not really knowing which side you believe. I encourage you to give it a listen. After all, deciding what you believe decides your eternal fate. Is that something that you really want to leave in limbo?


An “Answers In Genesis Billboard”, owned and supported by Ken Ham.

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